Multi Branch Restaurant Business Solution with Source Code

Start your dream multi branch restaurant business with eFood's complete solution and manage your restaurant effortlessly.

eFood multi branch restaurant business solution

What You’ll Get with eFood

You’ll get everything you need with eFood to kickstart your branch-wise restaurant business.

eFood package
eFood package with addon


Admin Panel

Kitchen App

Customer App

Table App

Branch Panel

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How Does eFood Work?

eFood is developed keeping all types of restaurant business in mind so you can manage & automate your restaurant business easily.




1. Place order from eFood app/web

2. Receives order & prepares food

3. Delivers the food to the customer

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1. Scan QR code, browse menu & place order

2. Admin accepts the order and chef prepares food

3. Customer Receives food via restaurant waiter or takeaway 

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1. Place order using the eFood Table/Waiter App

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2. Admin accepts the order from the admin panel

3. Prepares food by receiving order in Chef/Kitchen app

4. Delivers the food to the customer 




1. Place orders over the restaurant counter

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2. Generates order using built-in POS

3. Chef prepares food & Waiter serves

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How eFood Benefits Your Restaurant Business

Take the advantages of the multi branch restaurant business model and enhance your sales on both the online & offline market.

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Multiple Income Streams

Centralized Restaurant Management

efood Centralized Restaurant Management

Empower Business with Top Payment & SMS Gateways!

Payment Gateways

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SMS Gateways

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Here’s How to Get Started with eFood

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Purchase eFood script from CodeCanyon

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Install & configure eFood to your server

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Set up the admin panel & launch your website

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Publish apps on App Store & Google Play Store

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Add branches and food for each branch

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Start selling food and making profits

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Contactless Food Ordering for Customers with QR Scan

Customers can scan QR codes using their phones’ camera & check all the available food items in your restaurant menu. They can order & complete the checkout process from there as well.

efood QR Code Scanner

Give Your Business a Great Start with Our Premium Services Just for You!

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Launch Your Business Right Away

We handle everything, from setting up your system to publishing apps on different platforms.

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Customize with Business Goal

We listen to your business needs and make special features that perfectly match your goals.

Modern Technology Allows Cross-Platform Accessibility

All users can use eFood on any device, big or small, without platform limitations!





Supporting Your Success: We're Here to Help and Support You!

We’re here for you every step of the way. So count on us as we ensure your success and satisfaction.

See What Our Customers Say

Know how restaurants are doing great with eFood and all about their awesome experiences!

“eFood is a great product! I needed a complete restaurant management system that could handle multiple branches, as my restaurant has 11 branches all over Qatar. I'm really happy with my purchase and must say, their customer support is top-notch!”

“eFood transformed my restaurant business! Creating multiple branches effortlessly is a game-changer. The hassle-free 3rd-party integration and user-friendly interface saved us time and money. Thank you for this incredible solution!”

“Running a restaurant was chaotic until eFood came along. It simplified food deliveries with an option for managing dine-in orders. Now, I focus on food quality and new food items while eFood handles the rest. Truly a blessing for any restaurateur!”

“eFood revolutionized my eatery in Brazil! The QR code scanning system transformed our service. Now, orders are swift and checkouts are very easy. Thanks to eFood team for this remarkable restaurant management tool!”

Transform Your Restaurant Business with eFood