Transforming the Way You Do Multi Branch Restaurant Business!

At eFood, we digitize the conventional restaurant business ecosystem with a simplified yet powerful solution for businesses with one or many branches.

eFood Revolutionizing Food Ordering and Delivery Industry
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Behind the Story of eFood’s Success

eFood was created because we wanted to change how restaurants with many branches work.

The Begining

Back in 2020, when the whole world was worried about the COVID-19 virus, small restaurant businesses were the ones that faced the biggest threat. People couldn’t go out and food delivery management wasn’t easy for those restaurants. They needed help and we wanted to help them. So, we started to develop a solution that will solve this problem.

The Tackles

Apart from the big brands, complete restaurant management with multiple branches wasn’t the cup of tea for every restaurant business. The biggest challenge we faced while developing a solution was the centralized management of all branches, orders and deliveries. Thanks to our talented team, who worked hard and came out with simple solutions.

The Future

Our continuous upgradation leads today’s eFood you love! We have added tons of new features that help restaurant owners significantly. And we’ll continue our journey to make eFood the greatest of all time!

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“With eFood, restaurants can grow step by step, making their dreams come true and achieving success one after another.”